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Combines surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images, all clearly displayed on a crystal-clear LCD screen

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This unit contains lenses capable of measuring both infra-red and visible light, and measures temperatures ranging from -15°C – 550 °C. With thermal imaging pixels measuring 256 x 192, you’ll find it easier to identify areas of abnormal temperature.

This high-tech imager allows you take pictures and upload them to an SD card or directly to your PC for review. Rugged and durable, the unit can withstand falls from up to 2 meters and holds a charge for up to 5 hours.

  • This imager may be used in a variety of industries: maintaining and overhauling electrical equipment, HVAC pipeline inspections, electronic industry, and car maintenance inspections.
  • Includes 4 imaging modes: thermal imaging, visible light, fusion, and picture in picture.
  • 7 palette styles allow you to choose the palette with the best contrast for your job.
  • Easy-to-use display and controls allow you to make changes quickly using one hand.
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I’m an HVAC service technician. I can say truly the Hand-held Infrared Thermal Imager is all around a must have to tool. Helps lessen the diagnosis time with but not at all limited to locating restrictions in evaporator coils and condenser coils. I had lend it my friend who is a home inspector and was dealing with a basement that had a microbial growth issue from water leaks. He was able to locate a confadenly and accuratly inform the home owner so they could address the source.


Got this unit to see why our house in the middle of Summer couldn’t stay cool. Discovered we had some insulation issues and some of the windows were producing 95 degree heat during the afternoon!

Allows you to take snapshots and shows the hot and low temp spots with a box that tags the area.


Super easy to use, lightweight.